Buy a Counselling Session

Support local teens' mental health!

2021 was a challenging year for so many and mental health support for young people has continued to be under-resourced in our community.

KYDS has provided early intervention services and FREE youth mental counselling in Northern Sydney since 2005, helping to change hundreds of lives. When you buy a counselling session for a young person, you empower them to get the immediate mental health support they need.

Each KYDS counselling session only costs $150 to deliver, less than half the sector average of $330.

While the team has become increasingly creative with how to do more with less, KYDS cannot sustain its current capacity without further funding.

Create an immediate impact by buying a teen counselling session today, and help young people get the mental health support they need in 2022, in a way that works for them.

1 Session - $150
2 Sessions - $300
3 Sessions - $450
10 Sessions - $1500