KYDS Collective

It takes a village. Give every month.

We all know it takes a village to raise children.

It also takes a village to ensure our kids can access essential mental health support all year round.

Be part of the KYDS Collective by becoming a regular monthly donor. By giving a little each month, you will be helping to transform young lives in our community, while at the same time providing KYDS with the financial certainty needed to continue to deliver barrier-free mental health support to our local young people.

Over one year, your monthly gift of:

$20 will help purchase new resources that are used in our counselling sessions
$30 will enable KYDS to submit grant applications for funds to continue delivering our free counselling service
$50 will allow 10 young people to attend one session of our Managing Your Mood group
$75 will enable 20 young people to participate in a one-hour intake call with a KYDS clinician – the first step to getting the help they need
$100 will provide 7 individually tailored counselling sessions for young people
$200 will support 5 families with a 3-hour initial Family Therapy session – improving communication, providing tools for families to respond to distress and strengthening relationships.

Play your part in ensuring our local children are healthy, happy and have the chance to reach their full potential. Join the KYDS Collective today.